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The internet is constantly growing and is becoming more easily accessible via wireless mobile handheld devices, Touchpads, gaming consoles, televisions and even internet glasses. Unfortunately as millions of internet searches are performed every day by our kids, they can be exposed to all the adult material that is freely available on the internet.

DinoSearch.com regularly maintains a keyword and key phrase database which will block adult images, videos and websites from all children's search results. Additionally Google Safe Search technology is set to strict filtering by default which gives extra protection to block adult websites. Children can search for information on the internet safely and securely by using DinoSearch™.

Here are some extra tips for keeping our kids safe online.

- Never let your children use standard Google.com . Always use a search engine that will filter adult material with keyword databases and SafeSearch technology.

- Keep the computer in a central place. This helps you to keep an eye on the kids while they are online. If they have a handheld device, then make a rule that they can only surf the internet when in the lounge or living area for example.

- ISP adult filter. For additional protection, some ISP's provide an adult filtering service at the ISP level. Give your ISP a call and find out if they support it.

- Modem/Router adult filter. Many modern modems will have some kind of adult filtering application. Learn about it and enable it.

- Websites for kids are not permitted to request personal information without a parent's consent. Talk to children about what personal information is and to always discuss with their parents first before submitting any personal information online.

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