KidRex is a child safe search engine like DinoSearch and if you're a parent or guardian, you may have concerns about your kid's internet safety. The child safe search engine that is designed by kids was created to be a fun way to search Google with added protection from unsuitable websites. The T-Rex Dinosaur guards the internet search results by blocking inappropriate keywords and phrases. Google and other search engines without an adult filter enabled are useful but can be harmful to children if they stumble upon adult material. We get numerous visitors contacting us about KidRex and our similarities, so we have gathered a rundown of our features and differences.

Block Adult Websites

DinoSearch and Kid Rex are the same when it comes to our objectives which are to keep kids safe online when Google searching. We both block adult content using Google SafeSearch technology and we also maintain our own database of inappropriate websites and keywords. We think Kidrex does a great job at blocking adult websites after performing many tests and then comparing to DinoSearch's results. We found that the results on KidRex were limited to the standard of 10 safe search results per page but with DinoSearch, there are 20 results per page. This is certainly not a major distinction but it does mean a child browsing KidRex, will need to click to the next page of results to be able to view more.


Safe Search

Search engines without filtering can find all types of websites available on the internet. Some sites found on the internet should not even be seen by grown-ups let alone kids! Google Safe Search is a layer of protection which only allows websites that are safe for children. Google state that their filter is not 100% safe but they do a good job of blocking most adult websites.

Both KidRex and DinoSearch have a layer on top of Google Safe Search which detects the keywords that are submitted in the search field. When the user hits the search button, both systems will check against a database of disallowed keywords. If a keyword is not in this database, then the search query is forwarded to Google's servers for access to websites that are appropriate for children. No keyword filter can guarantee 100% safety but it is a lot safer to use than having a single layer of protection.

Third Layer of Protection

DinoSearch also has a third layer of protection which our editors manually update. This extra protection layer is websites that are submitted to us that have got past the first and second layers of protection. Our editors then manually block them from appearing in future search results. With a three-layer protection system, we are able to protect children better than only having Safe Search enabled on its own. For this reason, many homes, schools, and libraries are attracted to the full protection that DinoSearch has to offer.

Safe Image Search

A feature that DinoSearch has is the ability to utilize Google image safe search. Safe image searching has many advantages when it comes to learning, having fun and finding relevant pictures quickly. KidRex does not currently have an image search option but what they do have is a Pro version of KidRex where you can pay a monthly amount for added protection. KidRex Pro is available as an add-on extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and, Apple Safari and is limited to five devices per subscription. At the time of writing this, Kid Rex confirm that their professional version is currently being reimagined as a brand new service.

In the Classroom

All schools already have or should have a high level of filtering from online adult content. Safe Search sites like KidRex and DinoSearch offer an extra level of adult filtering protection that gives students a safer learning environment. We recommend kids are taught how to use a search engine effectively in a fun way that helps to keep kids engaged and interested.

KidRex Results

Mobile Friendly Safe Search Engine

With well over 90 percent of the global mobile phone population accessing the internet from their mobile phone, it makes sense that DinoSearch is mobile and tablet friendly. This adds to the overall user experience and convenience for our mobile website visitors. Being able to read the results easily without having to pinch zoom in or out is a major advantage for our mobile phone users. Our responsive website design also improves page loading times with less internet data being used on mobile phones.

Safe Searching since 1999

Both KidRex and DinoSearch have got many years of experience and are well established when it comes to safe search engines for children, with DinoSearch created in 1999 and Kidrex, 2009. There is not a lot of difference between the two websites and it really comes down to personal preference. We clearly would like our visitors to continue using us and we hope that you make contact if you have any thoughts or suggestions for DinoSearch.

KidRex Overview

  • URL first registered in 2009

  • Pro version option

  • Search term filtering

  • Strict Google SafeSearch enabled

  • Social Media sites also blocked

  • Used by many schools

DinoSearch Overview

  • URL first registered in 1999

  • Mobile Friendly Website

  • Search term filtering

  • Strict Google SafeSearch enabled

  • Social Media sites also blocked

  • Safe Google Image search option

  • Used by many schools

Closing Comments

A custom Google search engine like KidRex is a much safer way for children to find online content as opposed to standard The navigation buttons are large and easy for smaller fingers to navigate with when on a tablet or small computer screen monitor. Unfortunately the website is not currently mobile friendly so things can get a little tricky when browsing using a mobile phone. With this being said, KidRex has recently gone through some ownership changes and we could see in the near future some improvements in that regard.