When we are searching for something on the internet, we want the most relevant information to our search queries. Google does a great job at giving us quick significant information, however, depending on your search query, Google can produce website results that are not suitable for children. This is where Kids Safe Search engines like DinoSearch and KidzSearch can help by blocking inappropriate search results for kids.

KidzSearch is a safe search engine for kids that helps to block out adult websites with Google Safe Search technology and their own keyword screening system. The KidzSearch domain name (www website address) was first registered in 2005, so they have a lot of experience in blocking adult related websites. According to their website, they have proprietary AI filtering algorithms that detect multiple word forms, spelling variations, and more.

Autocomplete Suggestions

Another feature of KidzSearch is their autocomplete feature that helps children when they are typing a search query into the search field. It will come up with suggestions to complete the search term that kids are searching for. For example, a quick search for "Dinosaur games" comes up with suggestions on, Dinosaur games for kids, Dinosaur free games for kids, Dinosaur games for toddlers and more. We also tried searching for "kids" and the suggestions were, kid's internet filtering, kids search, kids games, kids tube, and kids bop.

KidzSearch urges adults to attempt to find adult related websites and then submit them in. This gives them an army of monitors to help protect children. This is ideal because it also helps to make the Google Safe Search product more robust and reliable which is better for all Safe Search kids' websites. We here at DinoSearch also employ this method. Our army of Educators, Parents, Caregivers, and librarians, join together to help and expand the ever-growing library of inappropriate websites for children.


KidzSearch Results

The KidzSearch results that are displayed, give a higher priority to websites that are more relevant to students and learning. This means that there is an emphasis on educational websites at the top of the page as opposed to commercial ones. From our test of searching for "Dinosaur facts", we can confirm the results shown on the first page were all educational, and informative websites on dinosaurs. So if commercial websites don't have precedence over the top search results then what happens if we try searching for "mobile devices for kids"? Apart from the standard Google ads at the very top of the results page, the first few results were informative sites about what the best phones for kids are.

Voice Command Search

Adding to their list of features is a voice search option which gives kids the ability to talk into a microphone and submit their search query. The voice feature at the time of writing this is currently only available to desktop Google Chrome browser users, but they are working to expand it to mobile phone users and other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This feature will help people with disabilities and young children that may not be able to use a keyboard.

We tried searching using the voice option within Google Chrome and searched for our favorite term, "Dinosaur Games" using a clear loud voice and it worked quite nicely. Unfortunately, when we tested it with young children, ages 6 and 7 the kids had to speak into the microphone a few times before Google Chrome picked up the correct term. This can also have detriments of KidzSearch misinterpreting what the child is trying to say and then searching for something completely irrelevant.

Recognizable Homepage

A valid point from KidzSearch is they mention that if Kids use standard Google search with Safe Search activated on one computer, it does not mean that Google Safe Search will be automatically activated on another computer. Children may not realize this and when on a different computer, they may think they are searching while Safe Search is on when in fact it is not.

KidzSearch and DinoSearch have a distinctive logo and theme where the kids know for sure that they are searching with Google Safe Search active with other added safety features enabled. This also helps with adult supervision so that adults can view from a distance that the kids are still on a safe search page. We recommend that adults supervise kids while they are online but in reality, this cannot always be achieved for many reasons. There may be other children in the home that need supervision or you're simply endeavoring to cook dinner. Kids do need supervision when online but that does not mean you have to hover over their shoulder. When kids are on a distinctive safe search site, it is much easier for adults to have a quick glance over at the kid's screen to confirm they are still on a safe search website.

Extra protection for Children

In the event that you do use additional filtering software installed on your devices like NetNanny, Norton Security and others, then DinoSearch and KidzSearch can work as an extra layer of protection for your children. There are no extra configurations needed within your software. Additionally, both DinoSearch and KidzSearch use HTTPS. (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which means that all communications between your web browser and our website are encrypted.

Affiliate Program

With KidzSearch you can earn a commission by sending website traffic to their homepage. You don't need to have a website to do this either. You can spread the word of KidzSearch via your social media like twitter, facebook, Instagram and others. Once you join their affiliate program, you will receive a user login and password so you can log into your own control panel to check your referral statistics. According to their program details, there are no sign up fees and no exclusive contractual obligations.

KidzSearch Program

KidzSearch Overview

  • URL first registered in 2005

  • Website secured with SSL certificate

  • Voice search option

  • Search term filtering

  • Autocomplete suggestion tool

  • Strict Google SafeSearch enabled

  • Mobile friendly website

  • Image Search option

  • Social Media sites also blocked

  • Keyword filtering

  • Affiliate Program

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we feel KidzSearch is a great search tool for kids and we would recommend them as an alternative to DinoSearch. We here at DinoSearch have very high standards when it comes to protecting children online and we have set the bar high for other safe search engines to follow.