Internet Safety for Kids

Choosing to use is definitely a better choice over an open search engine that can show all kinds of inappropriate websites to kids. Google has a feature called "Strict Safe Search" filtering which will attempt to stop adult websites from appearing in search results. This is a great feature on Google's part but it is not guaranteed to block all adult websites.

Strict SafeSearch Filtering and More

DinoSearch defaults to Google's Strict Safe Search technology and we also have our own proprietary keyword and key phrase database filtering. We are always tweaking this database to block certain keywords being used in a search query. We cannot keep our database up to date without our visitors help so we encourage our visitors to contact us if they find anything that is inappropriate to children.

No Safe Search website is 100% safe

New Adult visitors who find this site, will immediately try and search using an adult term to try and find something that kids shouldn't find. This is great and please let us know what was found so we can improve and be a better website for children. We are always improving things here to be the best Safe Search website on the internet. DinoSearch is useful but it's not a substitute for supervising younger children or teaching older children the skills they need to stay safe online.

Children are not typically looking for adult sites

Children are looking for children sites, not adult sites. DinoSearch was designed to stop kids mistakenly typing a search query that could potentially show images or sites that are inappropriate. For example, we asked a School classroom to type 'bear' into DinoSearch and one child typed 'bare'. If this was typed into an open search engine without filtering, then it has the potential to show images not recommended for young children. This is how DinoSearch can help and is why it is widely used throughout many schools and public libraries.

Educate children

Talk to kids about the internet and educate them about internet safety. There is a lot on the internet that you want to protect kids from before they can understand it. Teach them that if they want to download anything, they must check with an adult first.

Don't submit personal information to websites

Educate children to not submit their personal information online. They should not need to fill in any forms for website or gaming access. Encourage kids to stay away from submitting any personal information online. If a website requires any personal identification for verification then they need to advise an adult first.

Other Safe Search sites

As more safe search engines are becoming available for kids to use like KidRex, Kiddle, KidzSearch, and others, it's getting harder to filter out the good from the bad, so we have provided more information on some of the top kid-friendly search engines available.